Hometown Glory

August 8th-14th, 2015

Sorry for disappearing for a few weeks! Life has been quite the whirlwind lately. However, It has been nothing short of incredible and magical to say the least. A whole new adventure is beginning but it has been busy, busy, busy!

When I came back from a summer in California, I went home to Buffalo for a few days before making the trip down to Florida, which is where I am currently living for this semester. Even though I was just visiting my original hometown, who says I couldn’t make an adventure out of it?!

Stop number one, straight off the airplane, was Mighty Taco. Any Buffalonian knows how important Mighty Taco is… my beef and cheese burritos with sour cream just don’t taste better anywhere else! (especially at 1:30 in the morning!) True Buffalonians will fight to the death for Mighty Taco over Taco Bell. It’s such a hidden gem in our country and it’s always my first stop when I go home!


So, I had from August 8th until 14th to enjoy my time at home. It was a short visit and Buffalo is super hit and miss with the weather. However, I was lucky enough to squeeze in one really good beach day that consisted of laying in the sand, kayaking, floating on inner tubes…


…But most importantly, pizza and chicken wings!! (aka the #1 thing on my list every single time I go home) You just can’t get pizza like that anywhere else! Chicken wings are referred to as “buffalo wings” everywhere besides here because this is where they came from!! As far as the pizza, the crust is the perfect thickness, they have the best sauce to cheese ratio, and you can’t beat that pepperoni. Most importantly, you can’t forget the blue cheese dressing for dipping purposes! I spend most of my days daydreaming about and missing this pizza. This particular one was from Nino’s Pizzeria, which was a bit of a drive but absolutely worth it!



Then something really exciting happened. On August 11th, Noah came to Buffalo for his very first time. Not only that, but after 8 long months, our long distance relationship was finally over! Let me tell you, that was a huge accomplishment!

(A little bit of background for those of you who don’t know – Noah and I met last fall in Disneyland when we both worked at the World Famous Jungle Cruise on our Disneyland College Program. We’re from opposite sides of the country, (he’s from Portland, OR and I’m from Buffalo, NY) but things fell into place for us to be together. Long distance is a challenge but there’s no one I would’ve rather taken it on with than him, and I was thrilled to start this new adventure with him in Florida in just a mere few days!)

So, he arrived, and before we even made it to my house I had to take him to the most important place in all of Buffalo – Wegman’s! For those of you who don’t know, Wegman’s is the Disney World of grocery stores. Once you’ve grown up with this, nothing else will every compare. I’m glad he finally got to see and understand what I was talking about!


Over the next couple days we had the opportunity to explore Buffalo. So far we have been to zoos in Arizona and Oregon together, so we wanted to continue the tradition and see the Zoo here! It was a blast!

And this guy wouldn’t stop staring at me… I’ll never forget it!


Then of course the absolute must do of visiting Western New York – Niagara Falls! We decided to go on The Maid of the Mist which is the boat ride that takes you as close to the falls as you can possibly get. I can only imagine that’s what the end of the world would look like. It was incredible, there were rainbows and endless amounts of water… I don’t think my mind is able to wrap around the idea of how Niagara Falls was formed. It is gorgeous!


And that’s a wrap on our Buffalo trip! Our next stop was Florida, but we had a lot of states to drive through until then. Stay tuned for the next adventure!


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