The Journey to Arizona!

I took the “New Year” quite literally in 2016. On January 1st I packed up my entire life to head to my next adventure – to finish up school in Arizona!

Driving from Florida to Arizona was the longest road trip of my life distance-wise, but I had the best time. I got to spend this trip with two of my favorite people, My Mom and Noah, and we just had a blast the entire way there!

The night before we hit the road, my Mom and I stayed at Port Orleans Riverside since I had to be completely out of my old place.

It was the perfect place to stay because within 24 hours, we would actually be in the real New Orleans in Louisiana!

New Orleans was a city that I had always dreamed of visiting. I have to blame Disney a bit for that one – between New Orleans Square in Disneyland, Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter Resorts in Walt Disney World, and the animated film Princess and the Frog, this city has always sparked my interest.

The feel of the atmosphere was unique and lively. The architecture was so particular to the area and it was amazing to finally see what all of those other Disney locations were originally based off of. Disney did a great job with it, but nothing beats seeing the real thing! I hope to go back there one day because those few hours were not enough!


We hit the road again and started a huge chunk of our journey – Texas. The state that goes on forever. We cranked up that country music and kept driving straight on through.

Thanks to my friend Courtney’s recommendation, when we drove through her hometown Houston, we were able to go to Escalantes. This became my favorite restaurant of the trip! What sold me on this place was that their tortillas were handmade. I regret not taking a picture but please take my word for it – it was so good. Any other Tex-Mex food will just never measure up to Escalantes.

After dinner we kept driving for a few more hours and made it as far as San Antonio! Noah found our hotel there and unknowingly scored us a place right down the street from the Alamo! That was such an awesome surprise. I never thought I would actually be standing in a place I had heard so much about in my grade school history classes, but it happened. It was gorgeous!


We hit the road after San Antonio, got as far as El Paso and stayed the night there. Then the next morning we drove all the way to Scottsdale, AZ which was our final stop! I couldn’t believe we did it and I couldn’t believe how fast it felt. I had the greatest time! We celebrated by going to an amazing place called ZinBurger and they have the best truffle fries of all time. Their burgers and milkshakes were incredible too!

One quick side-note: over a 6 day span, I watched every single Star Wars movie for my first time ever! I was absolutely in love! I got really into it and finally realized what I had been missing out on all these years. We even got to go to the 7th one in theaters!


We stayed at the Sheraton Desert Oasis with my Mom for 3 nights while we were figuring out/moving into our housing. We got my room all set up and I got ready to start up my last year of school. 2016 is going to be a busy year, but I am looking forward to everything that will be accomplished during my time here in Arizona. It’s going to be great and I can only imagine that there will be great adventures ahead!



4 thoughts on “The Journey to Arizona!

  1. Hahaha, I’ve been wanting to visit New Orleans ever since The Princess and the Frog too! Maybe it’s because of that catchy song, Down in New Orleans.


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