New York, New York!

When everyone hears I grew up in New York state, they assume that I’m from the city. However, that isn’t the case – I have really only been there a couple of times! However, over spring break we got to go on a big family trip to the Big Apple. After 6 long years, it felt so good to be back!

For this post, I wanted to share all of the highlights from our trip to New York City with you! We crammed in a ton in just a few days, so I hope you enjoy!


The night we arrived, we dropped our bags at the hotel and went straight to the New Amsterdam Theatre to see Aladdin on Broadway! Now, if you know anything about me, you know that Aladdin is my all time favorite Disney movie. Seeing this production come to life was one of my most memorable experiences of the trip. I was blown away by the sets, costumes, and performers. Everything was so colorful and vibrant! This musical truly transported me and immersed me in Agrabah. The talent of the entire cast was extraordinary, and I was so impressed with the adaptation of the story. I am so thankful I got to go and would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering it!

Gossip Girl Tour

Gossip Girl was my first true Netflix binge and it has held a special place in my heart ever since. Once I saw that On Location Tours actually held a Gossip Girl Sites tour in the city, there was no way I could pass up the opportunity to go on it! It was a bus tour where they drove us past sites and played Gossip Girl video clips so we could match the clips to the actual locations! We also had the opportunity to get out of the bus, explore, and take pictures. Some of the places we visited were the steps of the MET, the Empire Hotel, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Grand Central Station, etc. This tour was great, even for my Mom who has never seen Gossip Girl before! I loved every second!

Girl’s Night!

Two of my best friends, Priscilla and Lia, live very close to NYC so they were able to come hang out with me for a night! We went to Times Square and visited the Disney Store, (of course) got margaritas, chips, and guac at a Mexican restaurant named Dos Caminos, we walked to Washington Square Park, and ended up at a restaurant named Angelo’s in Little Italy! That was one of the best girls nights I have ever had and I loved spending time with the two of them!


TV/Movie Tour

We did a second On Location Tour all together as a family. The highlights of this tour for me were visiting Washington Square Park and also finally seeing the Friends building in person!


Finding Neverland

Our second Broadway show of the trip was Finding Neverland! This show told us the story of J.M. Barrie, the author of  Peter Pan, and the journey he took to come up with the world we now know as Neverland. This show was beautifully and artistically done, while simultaneously being heartbreaking and emotional! I loved seeing it, and since Peter Pan is another one of my top favorite Disney movies, I gained an even greater appreciation for it through this musical!

John’s Pizzeria

My parents, my brother, Lia, Priscilla, and I had an early dinner at John’s Pizzeria on our last full day in New York. This has been our family’s go-to pizza place in NYC since we went on our first trip together in 2010. It was just as delicious as I remembered and it will always be a favorite!


Book of Mormon

We got to see one final show as a family on our last night in town. My brother requested Book of Mormon and it did not disappoint! This was my second time seeing it and it was hilarious as ever. The songs were stuck in my head for days after, and it was the perfect way to wrap up the trip!


2 thoughts on “New York, New York!

  1. Book of Morman is coming to the Hershey Theater where I live and work and trying to convince some people to just splurge and see it with me. Glad to know its worth it.


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