Day 2: Light Side vs. Dark Side

Saturday April 9th, 2016

Season of the Force, which has basically given Tomorrowland a Star Wars makeover, has been going on for a few months now. Since our main focus of the day (and the trip, really) was fulfilling all of our Star Wars needs, Tomorrowland was the first stop! There was no better way to start off than with Star Tours and grabbing some Hyperspace Mountain fastpasses.

We also took our first steps in Launch Bay and started scoping out the scene for later. The lines were a bit too long for the characters, so in the meantime we utilized the magical galaxy wall for photo purposes.

Shoutout to Pretty Little Monograms for designing these incredible Star Wars tees! Michaela and I had Jedi symbols and Kari and Nicole had dark side. You can check them out at or on instagram at @prettylittlemonograms.

Mickey and the Magical Map was the next stop. The cast blew me away during this performance. I had chills 30 seconds into the show!

Afterwards, we met up with Izabelle, ventured into Frontierland, and took a spin on the wildest ride in the wilderness!


Then it was back to Launch Bay so we could mingle with some Star Wars friends. (or enemies? Depending on which side you’re on.) We met Boba Fett first and Nicole was so excited that after the meet and greet was over she fell on the ground and got a brush burn on her knee.

Then we met Chewy, who noticed right away that Kari and Nicole had dark side shirts on. Nicole told him that “Han sent them” and he immediately put the two of them right in the corner.

Then of course we saved the most evil for last. Meeting Kylo Ren is actually pretty terrifying but he took so much time with us and made it such a great interaction. He tried to recruit Michaela and I to join the first order, but no luck this time. Sorry, Kylo.


Astro Blasters was next! Since Iz was about to leave, we had to have a mini photoshoot in front of a blue Tomorrowland wall for aesthetic purposes.

Launch Bay was calling us back to take a few more pictures. (We just couldn’t get enough!!) Kari also had to test out her force choke powers real quick before leaving the park.


Then it was time to go get ready for dinner! We checked into Disneyland Hotel before heading to the park this morning so it was finally time to see the room. After the obligatory DLH check-in ritual where you play the song on the headboard about 10 times in a row, it was time to head downstairs for dinner.


Goofy’s Kitchen was awaiting our arrival. We ate so much food (mostly carbs, of course) and had such fun interactions with the characters, especially Minnie who was super energetic! Plus, listening to all of our favorite old-school Disney Mania jams throughout dinner didn’t hurt either.

Dinner ended and it was back to California Adventure! Turtle Talk with Crush was first, and then right after was World of Color. Nicole was so happy because that’s her favorite, as is the “I Believe in Disneyland” song they play afterwards.

Once the show was over, it was time to go back to Disneyland Hotel. While standing and chatting in the lobby, our friend Frankie from England walked right in the front doors and we all screamed!! We did not realize we were all staying here on the same night! It was a total coincidence and we couldn’t have planned it any better.

I felt so lucky to be surrounded by so many of my wonderful friends this trip. It was all too incredible and it was only halfway over! Stay tuned for a few more updates!

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