Day 3: Tourist Status Achieved

Sunday April 10th, 2016

When you go to Disneyland, sometimes it’s important to fully embrace the tourist inside of you. That is what our outfits truly displayed today. We all dressed according to our favorites: Kari’s ensemble was Jungle Book themed, Michaela’s was Dumbo, Nicole’s was Star Wars, and mine was Aladdin. Ultimately it went over really well.

Our last full day started with a quick visit to the galaxy wall once again since Nicole was decked out in her Star Wars gear. She was sporting her awesome light saber skirt from Her Universe and was getting tons of compliments on it!


We stopped to grab a quick bite at Jolly Holiday for breakfast, and then headed into Adventureland! Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie were greeting so of course we had to say hello! They were absolutely in love with my shirt. I had to remind them (again) that they are my all time favorites and they were honored.


Here’s a closer look at my Aladdin shirt! It’s from Tokyo Disneyland, but I was thankfully able to find someone selling it online. There is so little Aladdin merch out there that every time I find some I get ridiculously excited!


 Then we headed over to New Orleans Square – my second favorite land in all of Disneyland! (with Adventureland being the first, of course)

Haunted Mansion fastpasses were a must because the park was very busy today. We grabbed those and headed over to check out the New Orleans train station! I think I mentioned this in a previous post… but the coolest part of the train refurb is that the New Orleans Station is all opened up so guests can go on the other side! It’s just cool to say that we were able to do that.

Then Critter Country was calling our names! We went over to ride The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and also met three of our favorite fuzzy friends – Tigger, Eeyore and Pooh!

Next, it was about time for our Haunted Mansion fastpasses! The main reason I wanted to go on again was to grab this picture of the stretching room. (Yes, I had to lay on the ground to capture this… but thankfully our mansion maid was completely supportive of that decision!) I was so pleased with how it turned out!


At this point we were famished so it was off to Pizza Press for our delicious lunch! Mark met up with us too which was a wonderful addition to the day!


Once we refueled, we had a very important mission to complete – meeting Captain America and Spider Man! Let me tell you, it was quite a success. There was a lot of swooning involved. We realized Nicole is just really attracted to men in masks. (First Kylo… now Spiderman) And another major plus – Captain America was really entertained by Kari’s Jungle Cruise jokes. He didn’t even take them for granite!!

We went on the Silly Symphony swings really quick before heading out of DCA, and then we made our way back to Disneyland. Chris met up with us and we all grabbed a spot for Soundsational!

Our post-parade snack consisted of a Dole Whip in the lanai right outside of the tiki room. There is something about this tropical hideaway that brings me the most beautiful nostalgia, and I will always find an excuse to go in there and listen to the tiki gods and goddesses.


We didn’t have much time left before dinner, so while it was still light out we made sure to get all of our necessary castle pictures! I was very pleased with the outcome. You can probably tell from my face, but I cannot reiterate enough how thankful I am for all of these incredible friends. I don’t know how I got so lucky.

Carthay Circle was our dinner destination so it was back to DCA! Mark decided to join us at the last minute, and because we had five people in our party they sat us at a table in our own private little room! It was such a cool experience! Our server was wonderful and accommodating, and we had such a lovely meal.


To finish up our night at DCA, we went on Radiator Springs Racers and the Tower of Terror.


Back at Disneyland we watched Disneyland Forever one last time all together. It was magical.


The show ended and Fantasyland was our next stop. Krista came to meet up with us and we all went on the Matterhorn together.

Funny story… The girls had been on the lookout all day for Tyler Blackburn from Pretty Little Liars. (I don’t watch the show so I was a bit out of the loop) And by some twist of fate, he ended up being in the bobsled right in front of us on the Matterhorn. When we got off, he was hanging out at the exit they asked for a picture with him. He happily obliged! It was definitely a huge highlight of the trip for all of them and I’m so glad it happened!

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 12.36.18 PM

It was about time to round off the night. We went on the Casey Junior Circus Train and Indiana Jones. Then we took a picture of the (currently present) Skips in front of the wall at Jungle. After all that, it was time to call it a night!


I couldn’t believe it was already the last night of our trip. It went by so fast but it was filled with memories I will truly never forget!

UP NEXT: One last short update about the last morning of this trip and then a big life update from me!

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