My 23rd Birthday!

Twenty three.

Let’s just take a minute and ask ourselves how I am already 23?! I swear I was just 19.

Well, no matter what age I am, a Disney park is always an ideal place to spend my birthday! I knew this would be the last time I’d be able to visit Disneyland for a long while, so it was a day of doing and seeing all of my favorites! We started the day with a cinnamon roll from Jolly Holiday, rode Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and met Genie.

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We got hungry pretty quickly, so we went to Pizza Press to get a birthday pizza for lunch!


After lunch, we met Captain America and Spider Man at California Adventure. I was still completely hyped up from seeing Civil War the other night, so I was very excited about this. Captain America had all 7 of us pose as different Avengers and it was pretty SUPER! (pun intended)


Then Spider-Man told everyone waiting in line that it was my birthday so they said happy birthday to me! He also gave us some super Spidey poses to do for our photo.


Then we did Tower of Terror, Luigi’s, and we took some photos all together in Cars Land. I was thrilled I got to see so many wonderful people on this day, it’s truly what made my birthday so special!

We headed back to Fantasyland and met Belle who now meets in her blue dress!! This used to be an Epcot exclusive thing, but now that it was happening in Disneyland I had to see her for myself. However, it seemed like Belle and I had some Gaston wanna-be’s imposing on our girl time. They were positively primeval!

Then it was time for the most important part of the day! The world famous Jungle Cruise!! The last time I was in Disneyland when Jungle was open was August 2015. So it had been 9 whole months without any Jungle Cruise in my life. Not okay.

We went on Melissa’s bote which was incredible as usual. She is one of my favorite skippers. My emotions were running high and the puns were hilarious… so all was right in the world once again. The refurb did amazing things for Jungle including easier loading procedures, a much bigger and more beautiful dock, enhanced sounds, refurbished animatronics, etc. Jungle Monster, you looked gorgeous. Seeing you was the best birthday present I could’ve ever asked for.

After, I was able to find my friend Hayley who made me a beautiful birthday button to celebrate! With button in hand, tons of castle photos were taken.

We rode Thunder Mountain and Hyperspace, and then we went back to DCA to ride Soarin’ Over California one last time! Since it will be switching to the new version this summer, it was so sad to say goodbye to my old home. However, I am very excited to see what Soarin’ Around the World has in store!

To finish off the day, Chris and I ate at Café Orleans for a birthday dinner! I got Pommes Frites, a chicken gumbo crepe, and a birthday beignet! It was perfect. Then we finished off the night with a quick spin on the Matterhorn!

Thank you to everyone who was able to come meet up on my birthday, who sent me a message, or were part of it in any way! I feel so loved and grateful for all of you, and I know 23 is going to be an amazing year!

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