Manchester and Cambridge!

Hello everyone! Sorry for completely falling off the map for a while… life has gotten crazy busy. I finished up my study abroad journey in Europe, moved back to Orlando, and have been piecing things together for my new life ever since. It has been wonderful!

One of the pieces I have been missing, though, was keeping my blog updated! Ideally I would still love to share my Europe adventures with you (hopefully you’ll still be interested in hearing about them!) and maybe someday we will get caught back up to present time. That’s the goal anyway!

Until then… let’s travel back to England!

May 27th-30th, 2016

This was one of my all time favorite weekends of my study abroad journey. Not only did I get to spend it in two new cities in England, but I also got to visit two of my dearest friends!

I started off by taking a train to Manchester to visit Abi! Abi lived in Florida on her ICP back in 2014, and the last time I saw her was when her program ended two years ago. So finally after our long separation, we were reunited at last! We spent our day together doing some major shopping damage at the Trafford Centre, but it was one of the best shopping days of my life. We went to Jack Wills, Accessorize, Urban Outfitters, and Selfridges, just to name a few. I had too much fun with Abi and it was like no time passed at all.


Next, I took a train over to Cambridge to visit Leanna. We got all dolled up, went into town, and she took me out to afternoon tea! This outing could not be more British if it tried – I adored it! There were so many little sandwiches and desserts and I was in absolute heaven. Plus the tea itself was delightful and delicious!

I even had the wonderful privilege of meeting Leanna’s cat, Jasmine. She is the princess cat of all cats. It was an honor to finally be graced with her presence.

Then on Monday, Leanna came back to London with me and we got to explore more of the city! One of our friends works at the Disney offices in London and was able to give us a tour! Since it was a bank holiday, nobody was there. It was a very special experience! All of the rooms were decorated and I couldn’t believe I actually had the opportunity to go in and visit.

Then we finished off our weekend by doing a classic London experience – The London Eye! I couldn’t leave without getting that incredible view of the city.


So, that just about wraps up England. That portion of the trip was such a dream and I am so thankful I got to experience as much as I did.

So what’s up next? Disneyland Paris! Stay tuned!

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