Disneyland Paris Part 1

On Thursday June 2nd, I met Leanna, Hollie, and Lucy at King’s Cross station in London. We hopped on the EuroStar for a few hours and made our way to Disneyland Paris! This was my first time going to an international Disney park and I could not be more excited!

We dropped our stuff off at the hotel and went straight to the park! It was amazing to see everything for the first time! We did a full walkthrough and got a feel for the layout. It was cold, overcast, and there were no crowds whatsoever – it was such a magical feeling!

Here’s our first look at the beautiful Sleeping Beauty’s castle – in Paris!


Since it was after 7 pm, a majority of the restaurants were closed. So, we went to Disney Village (their equivalent to Downtown Disney) and got dinner at Billy Bob’s saloon. The buffet was so good and we were starving after that travel day. We were very happy.

Thankfully, Disneyland Paris’ parks/the Disney Village area are located as close to each other as the parks are in California, so we were able to walk right back into the park and finish our night! We went on Phantom Manor for the first ride of the trip and got a spot front and center for Disney Dreams! It was the most incredible nighttime show I have seen and it was probably my favorite thing in all of Disneyland Paris. Everyone I talked to recommended it to me and it did not disappoint!

On Friday June 3rd, we got up bright and early, moved our stuff to the Disneyland Hotel, and went right to the park for the early extra magic hour! Our first stop was Fantasyland where we did Mad Tea Party, Dumbo, and It’s a Small World! Small World’s facade was beautiful and unique to Paris, and the interior was gorgeous! I really loved their version.

Then we went to Discoveryland (also known in America as Tomorrowland) and we went on one of my most anticipated attractions – Space Mountain Mission 2! This coaster is unlike any of the other Space Mountains and it was so thrilling! It had an amazing soundtrack and even went upside down… I adored it!


We wandered through Discoveryland some more and rode Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast. I took a photo of our Buzz Lightyear fastpass – they look so different in Paris! We also went to the Hyperion Cafe and got some Star Wars lunch! Then before our mid-afternoon break we met Goofy on Main Street!

Our room was finally ready at Disneyland Hotel so we went to go check it out. It was gorgeous!

After a quick rest, we went on Storybook Canals and Casey Jr. Circus Train (which was like a mini rollercoaster!). They were both beautiful!

Then we went to dinner at Blue Lagoon which is the restaurant that lines Pirates of the Caribbean. It was sort of like Blue Bayou but more of a pirates theme rather than a New Orleans theme. They had such a cool atmosphere and we had a perfect table right on the water.

After watching the boats go by all throughout dinner, we went on Pirates of the Caribbean right after! It was so strange to go on this ride without seeing Captain Jack Sparrow!

After that we went on the Indiana Jones roller coaster in Adventureland, Pinnochio’s Daring Journey, and Snow White’s Scary Adventures. Then we went back to Disneyland Hotel and rested up for the next day!

UP NEXT: Disneyland Paris Part 2!

5 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris Part 1

  1. I’d love to go there!
    I really like the look of the hotel. The exterior is very pretty.
    It’s so fun to see all our favorite things but have it be just enough different to feel all wonderful and new! Yay for Disney Parks in other countries. (I really yearn to go to Tokyo).
    Great update, thank you for sharing.


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