Disneyland Paris Part 2

June 4th was our last full day and we were up and at the park for the early extra magic hour! We went into Disneyland and met Chip and Dale first, who are known as Tic et Tc in French. Then we hopped over to the other side of Main Street and met Mickey and Minnie as well!

It was pouring this morning and it was freezing cold, so after those two greets we ran back to the hotel room to grab drier clothes.


Then we went to Disneyland Paris’ second park – Disney Studios!

Two of us got in line for Crush’s Coaster (which does not have a fastpass and has a very long wait) and the other two ran to Ratatouille to get a fastpass for later. This was our best plan of action for the trip because 1. They are two of the most popular rides in the parks and 2. They are two of the most unique rides to this Disney location. We don’t have anything like either of these attractions in America!

So, we went on Crush’s Coaster first which was a blast. It is definitely a rollercoaster but it sort of reminded me of Radiator Springs Racers because the first half of the ride had animatronics/more of a “dark ride” style and then the second half was the thrilling part!


Then we had a bit to wait for our fastpass so we met Spiderman, who was absolutely fantastic. He renamed us the “Spider Girls” (like the Spice Girls) and we all dropped the hottest mix tape of 2016.


To finish up Studios, we went on Tower of Terror next which is essentially the same as the one at Disney California Adventure. So even when it changes to Guardians of the Galaxy, fear not because the Twilight Zone version still exists in Paris!

Lastly we went on Ratatouille, which was adorable and unique. It’s has a trackless ride system and you really felt like you shrink down to the size of a mouse – we loved it!


On our way out of Studios, we went to the gift shops and all bought the best jackets of all time. They were lined with fleece on the inside and were waterproof on the outside, so they helped us survive that rainy and freezing cold weather! They made for some pretty great squad pictures in front of the castle, too.

Since we were back in Disneyland, we met Tiana and Naveen and they had their own beautiful greeting location. We also got to meet Abu in Adventureland!

Then we grabbed some delicious gelato (that I’m still craving to this day) and headed to Main Street to watch Disney Magic on Parade! The song was stuck in our heads for the rest of the day.

We took a quick rest at the hotel and came back for dinner at Walt’s! It reminded me a bit of Carthay Circle and Carnation Cafe mixed together. It was decorated beautifully however we were not super fond of the food.

After dinner, we went on Phantom Manor. Before you go on Phantom Manor, make sure you read the backstory of the attraction! We did that at dinner and it made our experience so much better! We also rode It’s a Small World (again) and finished the night with some shopping on Main Street USA!

On June 5th, it was our last morning in the park. We got to explore Alice’s Curious Labyrinth a bit which is another unique-to-Paris attraction.

Then we checked out the castle walkthrough which was gorgeous. Paris’ really knows how to make an incredible castle.

Here are some more photos around Fantasyland, just because we wandered through there next.

Then it was off to Adventureland!


We had the chance to meet Peter Pan and Captain Hook! We had a hilarious and fun interaction with them and their attendants. As you can tell by the picture we were dropping some mixtapes with them as well. What a day.


Our last portion of the visit included a photoshoot in front of the castle, because would any trip be complete without it?

After that, it was off to the train station and back to London! What an amazing first visit it was! Paris has such a different overall feel to the parks than the American ones do, but we had such a wonderful time experiencing it all together! I couldn’t have had better tour guides for my first time. I loved it and am so happy I made the trip!



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