Ireland: Giant’s Causeway

On June 12th, we went on another bus tour (which evidently turned into a theme on this study abroad program) and our first stop was the filming location of Game of Thrones! I have never watched the show, but I have several friends at home who do so we made sure to document the moment!

Then we went to the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge! We were hundreds of feet up in the air above rocks and water on a very narrow bridge, but how could I pass up the temptation to cross it?! (Don’t worry, I told my Mom after I safely made it across). The view was gorgeous and definitely worth the slight terror!

Then it was off to Giant’s Causeway which was such a unique location. Our tour guide told us the legend from Irish folklore. It is believed that this beautiful landscape was the remnants of a causeway built by Giants. Others believe that it was the result of a volcanic eruption. This seems logical, but many argue that it is almost too beautiful and pristine. I’ll let you decide.

On June 13th, my friend Marilynn and I went to go explore some of the famous churches in Dublin! We got to see Christ Church and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. It’s amazing that you hear about certain places your entire life, and then suddenly they are right down the street!

I think this was a particularly important time to go visit these churches because this was the week that all of the tragedies occurred in Orlando. Being in Europe and hearing about these events happening in my home hit me pretty hard. However, it was beautiful to see that so many people wrote down intentions in the prayer books for our city. It was so touching to see the world come together in such a time of distress.

Up Next: Scotland!

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