Disneyland Paris Round 2!

My friend Marisa was another big Disney fan in my study abroad group, so the two of us got to talking and booked a last minute trip to Disneyland Paris for our final weekend in Europe! We experienced quite the hassle getting there – there was an airstrike in France and our original flight got cancelled. So we took a flight from Edinburgh to the Gatwick airport in England, took a train to St. Pancras Station, took the EuroStar to France, and then when we finally arrived at midnight, we had to take a hour long uber ride to our hotel.

However, after 13 hours of travel insanity, we had a blast exploring the parks together the next day. I have to say that it was completely worth the trip!

Sidenote: I was a huge fan of our off-property hotel – B&B Hotel at Disneyland Pairs. They had an amazing (included!) breakfast and the rooms were spacious and so nice! Plus, the price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend it to anyone staying off property!

We started off our day doing our Crush/Ratatouille fastpass trick at Disney Studios. They were very important attractions for Marissa to see because they’re so unique to this Disney park!


Then we went on Rock N Roller Coaster which wasn’t open last time I was there! The ride is very interesting here. The pre-show is extremely short, which I didn’t expect. Also, the ride track is exactly the same, but you know all of those neon signs and decorations we have at Hollywood Studios? They do not exist in Paris! There are only flashing white, pink, and blue lights to accompany your Aerosmith experience, which was definitely an interesting twist!


Similarly to last time, we didn’t spent too much time at Studios. However we really enjoyed the attractions we got to experience that morning!


We went over to Disneyland and I cannot tell you how excited I was to be back!

I think the castle just kept getting prettier and prettier.

We grabbed some lunch in Adventureland, wandered through the shops, and then went through the Aladdin characters meet and greet twice! First, we had the chance to meet Abu. Then we got to meet Jafar, who is accompanied by Iago in Disneyland Paris!


In Fantasyland, we rode Storybook Canals, It’s a Small World, (twice) and we got in line for the princesses. However we had to leave because it was time to head to dinner!

We walked through Disney Village to Cafe Mickey and got to dine with Tigger, Goofy, Minnie, Mickey, and Pluto! The food was alright but the characters were great. The restaurant had a super 90’s feel (as does most of Disney Village) and I was loving it. We had a great time!

We raced back to Disneyland to get back in line for the princesses, which we waited way too long for and only got one blurry picture with Cinderella. Ah well. The only reason I don’t fully regret it is because of all of the beautiful stained glass castles that lined the queue! I really enjoyed looking at all of them.


We went back to Fantasyland and caught the last ride on Casey Junior for the night! Then, while meandering our way back up to Main Street we were able to stop by the castle and see the dragon!! I’m pretty sure the dragonmade Marissa’s entire trip to Disneyland Paris – she loved it. This portion of the castle was under refurb when I was here a few weeks ago so being able to see it was absolutely incredible and such a treat! It definitely was a big highlight of the Disneyland Paris experience for me!


To finish off the night, we went on Phantom Manor, Pirates of the Caribbean, did some shopping, and saw Disney Dreams! I cannot tell you how happy I am that I spent one of my last days in Europe at Disneyland Paris. It was the perfect way to end the trip!


Up Next: Back to America!

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