Back to Florida!

I apologize that this post is so delayed, but as you all may have guessed I finally made it back to the US! I moved into my new house and have been piecing together a beautiful new life here in Florida. Now we are about two months in and all I have to say is that every day here has been absolutely wonderful s0 far!

The first big thing I did when I got back to the states was celebrate the 4th of July! This holiday was like one big reunion – I got to see friends who have lived in Florida all along as well as other friends who just moved here from California!

A group of us stayed in a room at the Beach Club that night! We got to lounge around Storm-Along Bay, take a hilarious cooking class at the Sandcastle Club (no mixy mixy!!), and we walked all around the gorgeous Boardwalk area! I don’t know how any future 4th of July will ever be able to top it!

On July 16th, Krista and I took advantage of the beautiful summer weather and spent our day exploring Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. Our big highlights for the day were Crush N Gusher, the lazy river, and our sand pail full of ice cream!

Disneyland celebrated its 61st birthday this year on July 17th, so we celebrated that by going to Epcot! (makes sense, right?)


Our puppy pal Pluto was more than happy to help us celebrate!

Epcot is great because it can help you pretend you’re still in England when you start to really miss it!


Another big highlight of moving back to Florida? Disney Springs! But more importantly – SPRINKLES! As some of you may remember, Sprinkles became a big part of my life when I was in Arizona. However, it has become even more relevant now that it’s only 15 minutes down the road!

The improvements that have been made since the opening of Disney Springs are absolutely outstanding. I find myself wandering around there several times a week now. It is so beautiful and I am so happy we now have a place like this to enjoy on property! Hooray for Disney Springs!


Up Next: Kari and Michaela’s Visit to WDW!

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