Kari’s 21st Birthday Trip!

If you remember reading updates from back in April about our “Girls Trip to Disneyland” you will be happy to know we got to do a Disney World version this summer for Kari’s birthday! Nicole, Michaela, Kari, and I were reunited for a week of magic in the sunshine state!

We started off our adventures in Magic Kingdom with our number 1 priority being the Purple Wall! For those of you who don’t understand the concept of the purple wall… it is literally just a purple wall that has existed in Tomorrowland all of this time. However, people recently discovered that it makes a beautiful background for photos so that’s why it is so frequently visited nowadays!

While in Magic Kingdom, we made an obligatory visit to the Jungle Cruise. Kari and I got our picture together here since we were Jungle training buddies on the other coast!


(Also, check out @bluehouseblooms if you’re loving those blue and purple ears – I absolutely adore them!)

The next day we got to explore Epcot! We snuggled with Baymax and got some puppy love from Pluto!

As the day progressed, we met up with so many lovely friends to watch the sunset in World Showcase!

Animal Kingdom was next! We met King Louie and Baloo which are from Kari’s favorite movie – the Jungle Book!


(Also, if you love Michaela’s flower ears be sure to check out @FloofyArts for lots of gorgeous and unique styles!)

For dinner we went to Tusker House. It was funny because I originally thought of potentially skipping this meal… but I am so glad I didn’t! I was pleasantly surprised by how great it was! The quality of the food was amazing and they had such a wide variety. On top of that, we got to meet all of the characters multiple times1 The restaurant is huge and there weren’t that many people so it was extremely comfortable and relaxing. This was probably my favorite dining experience of their trip!

I just love Animal Kingdom!


The next night we went to Magic Kingdom and ate at Skipper Canteen. We enjoyed the atmosphere (because honestly, what Skip wouldn’t?!) but unfortunately none of us were too keen on the food! Oh well, we definitely still had a fun time visiting!

The castle sure was beautiful that night, too!

On our last day, we wore our “Don’t Be Basic” stormtrooper shirts and did the most basic thing we could possibly think of – get Starbucks and take pictures of it on the hub grass. I would say it was a success.


We hopped over to Studios and met Ariel and Eric outside Voyage of the Little Mermaid! The show wasn’t playing that week so they came out to meet everyone. It was wonderful to see Eric because most of the time he’s off hanging out with his dog Max or sailing his ship!


However, the main reason we came to Hollywood Studios was to go to Launch Bay! We got to meet Chewy, Kylo Ren, and even some Storm Troopers! It was quite the successful visit.

For our very last dinner all together we got to go to Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue. That dinner show is an all-time favorite! It was the perfect way to end a wonderful week!


Up Next: Exploring the Disney Fantasy

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