Day Made Possible by an Excel Spreadsheet

December 4th, 2016

Ryan and I were up bright and early because it was finally our long awaited Disneyland day!! We drove in from Burbank and there was miraculously no traffic, we picked up Sara, and went straight into Disney California Adventure!

We grabbed World of Color fastpasses, went on Soarin’, and then went over to Cars Land! I saw one of my old (and first) friends from my Walt Disney World College Program, Russell! He was my next door neighbor at Patterson Court back in 2013 and now he is finishing up his Disneyland CP at Mater’s!


While we were in Cars Land, Ryan and I had to have a mini-photoshoot right outside of Mater’s! It was a very important stop in our day!

After that, we went into Disneyland to take more photos. To the back of the park we went to the infamous Blue and White It’s a Small World wall! We got some of my absolute favorite photos here!

Toontown was next because we wanted to take pictures in that ever-aesthetic land. The trolley was just too cute of a photo opportunity to pass up!

For our last stop, we attempted to take pictures in front of the castle but it was way too sunny. So instead we went back in the Fantasy Faire area of Fantasyland to finish up our photos!

All of those photos made us hungry so we grabbed some lunch at Jolly Holiday. I got my very favorite grilled cheese and tomato soup! Then we went on the Jingle Cruise and I saw two of my favorite leads – Jasen and Anya! Jasen was kind enough to take us out on a bote. His cruises are so wonderful and immersive and this was definitely a huge highlight of my day!

It always feels so good to come back home!

Sara headed out after that, so then it was just Ryan and me. We were ready to take on the kingdom! We went on It’s A Small World Holiday, Peter Pan’s Flight, watched A Christmas Fantasy, rode Indiana Jones, and Big Thunder Mountain! We were on a roll!


Next, it was off to Disney California Adventure for a first time (in forever) experience for both of us – The Frozen Musical! If you know anything about me, you know how much I adore Aladdin. I was worried that since this show replaced Aladdin I would be very upset, however, finally seeing the show in person made me really fall in love! The sets, effects, and costumes were unbelievable, and it was so much fun to see how they brought such a gorgeous on-screen movie to life! Even though I do miss Aladdin, I really loved the show and am glad that they added it into the park!

We stopped at Pizza Press for dinner and then came back into DCA. We were able to squeeze in California Screamin’ and Mater’s before World of Color Season of Light! This was the first time I was seeing that show, too! Definitely not as good as the original World of Color, but I enjoyed it more than Winter Dreams. Plus, the little heart “snowflakes” they released at the end were too cute and definitely were the most memorable part of the show for me!

It was back to Disneyland after that where we had a bunch of rides to finish up – Pirates of the Caribbean and the Matterhorn were first. Then we took a quick break from rides and watched Paint the Night! Then we went on Haunted Mansion Holiday, Alice in Wonderland, and ended the night with Hyperspace Mountain!


Talk about a jam-packed day! Thank goodness for our over-the-top Excel spreadsheet because we were able to accomplish everything we wanted to do and more! This was such a special day on my trip and I cannot thank Ryan enough for making it possible!

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