2016 – A Year in Review

Depending on how long you have followed along on this blog, you may or may not remember the 2015 – A Year in Review PostWow how times have changed! So many incredible things happened this past year and I think it’s only appropriate to keep up the “Year in Review” New Year’s Eve tradition!

So before we move onto that, let’s take a look at a few resolutions I had last year and see how I did!

Watch more movies and read more books. - A huge accomplishment I made this
year was that I finally watched all of the Star Wars and Harry Potter
movies! I could have done better on books. I started a lot but was not
good at finishing!

Travel. - I traveled more in 2016 than ever before! Hooray!

Keep up with my blog. - You know what? Definitely more than last year. I 
wasn't always on time with my posts but I do get them up eventually!

Graduate and finally get my degree! - YES! FINALLY!!

Have a better idea of what I want to do after college. - I accepted a 
Professional Internship with Disney VIP Tour Services so I know
what I am doing until at least June! I also realized that I want to live in 
Florida for a good while if not long term!

Don’t let my anxiety ruin perfectly good moments and trust in a greater 
plan. - This was a hard one but I definitely feel like I have come such a 
long way. My anxiety has calmed down significantly and I am so much better
at embracing the unknown than last year at this time!

And find as much happiness as I possibly can along the way! - Absolutely!

Overall, I’m really proud of that progress. I think it’s amazing to look back on this past year and to see how much I have grown. I feel like a completely different person than I did 365 days ago! I feel stronger, more independent, more sure of myself and what I want for my future, and even happier than I was before!

So without further ado, let’s get started on our highlight reel review of the year 2016!

January 2016 – 

  • Stayed Port Orleans Riverside for the first night of the year
  • Noah, Mom and I drove across the country to go back to school at Arizona State University
  • Stopped at New Orleans, Louisiana and saw The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas
  • Moved into my apartment at Vista del Sol at the ASU Tempe campus
  • Began my last year of college!
  • Watched all of the Star Wars Movies and finished with The Force Awakens in theaters!
  • Skipper Reunion – Chris and Kari came to ASU!

February 2016 –

  • Mom and Dad came to visit Arizona: visited A-Mountain, Musical Instrument Museum, and Biltmore
  • Changed my username from Princess Jess over to @JessicaFaye508
  • First Disneyland weekend of the year!
  • Went to the Phoenix Zoo and saw Deadpool
  • Sara and I took a road trip to see the Grand Canyon!

March 2016 – 

  • Watched all of the Harry Potter movies for my first time ever!
  • New York City with family for Spring Break: Aladdin, Finding Neverland, Book of Mormon, Gossip Girl Tour, Friends Apartment
  • Another Disneyland weekend and stayed a night at Disneyland Hotel

April 2016 –

  • Noah and I broke up
  • Went on girls trip to Disneyland with Kari, Michaela, and Nicole!
  • Stayed at Disneyland Hotel for a night
  • Mom and Dad came to visit Arizona again!
  • Survived the rest of the semester

May 2016 –

  • Finished spring semester and moved out of Arizona!
  • California for my birthday: Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland!
  • Seattle, Washington to visit Kari: Space Needle, Chihuly’s Glass Museum, EMP, Mariner’s game, Pike’s Place, saw the very first Starbucks location
  • San Fransisco with Mom: The Wharf, Boudin, Ghiradelli, a boat tour to see the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, The Walt Disney Family Museum, and the Full House House!
  • Began Study Abroad Program in London, England
  • Visited Frankie, (Thorpe Bay) Abi, (Manchester) and Leanna (Cambridge)
  • Regents Park, London Park Zoo, Sherlock Holmes Museum, Harrod’s, The Parent Trap House, Book of Mormon, Nando’s, Harry Potter Studio Tour, Westminster Abbey, Bath, Stonehenge, Disney Offices in London, London Eye, and navigating my way through the Underground

June 2016 –

  • My very first time EVER at an international Disney Park – Disneyland Paris!
  • Stayed at Disneyland Hotel
  • Dublin, Ireland: Cliffs of Moher, Giant’s Causeway, Galway
  • Edinburgh: Glascoe, Edinburgh Castle, Harry Potter Walking Tour, Finding Dory
  • Disneyland Paris for a second time!
  • Back to London for one night to stay with Lucy
  • June 27th – Back to Orlando for good!

July 2016 –

  • Celebrated 4th of July back in the United States at the Beach Club!
  • Kari’s 21st Birthday trip: stayed in Port Orleans Riverside Princess Room for a night
  • Typhoon Lagoon
  • Celebrated Disneyland’s birthday at Epcot
  • Went home to Buffalo for Grandpa’s birthday

August 2016 –

  • Visited Lucy on the Disney Fantasy
  • Stayed at Art of Animation for Krista’s Birthday (Little Mermaid room)
  • Robbie’s Retirement/Dream Along with Ricky housewarming gatherings
  • Sarah came to visit and we went to Crystal Palace
  • Went to Tampa for a Fifth Harmony concert
  • Began last semester of college

September 2016 –

  • Went to the first Gator Game of the season at UF!
  • Vero Beach
  • Started working at Sunglass Hut in Adventureland
  • Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties: Shego from Kim Possible and Esmerelda from Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Food and Wine Festival began
  • Buffalo: got to meet Penny for the firs time (before they brought her home!)
  • Got highlights in my hair for the first time ever!

October 2016 –

  • Iz and I went to Montreal, Canada: Mount Royale, Biodome, Jardin Botanique, and Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Hurricane(?) Matthew
  • Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade finally left Magic Kingdom
  • Penny joined our family on October 11th!
  • Went to Buffalo on October 12th
  • Went back to Buffalo at the end of the month with Iz: Niagara Falls, Ellicottville, Cider Mill, and Vidler’s
  • Halloweekend: Universal Studios and Downtown Orlando! Dressed up as Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

November 2016 –

  • Saw Hunchback of Notre Dame musical in Fort Lauderdale and stayed at ~ La Quinta~
  • Michaela visited again!
  • November 11th: Accepted my Professional Internship with VIP Tour Services!
  • Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
  • Dapper Day
  • Destination D: Amazing Adventures
  • Saw Moana on the Polynesian Beach for the Disney Parks Blog Meet-up
  • Went home to Buffalo for Thanksgiving

December 2016 – 

  • Disneyland trip!
  • December 2nd: completed my last assignment towards my college degree
  • December 12th: officially graduated
  • Went to SeaWorld and met Rudolph, Clarice, and the Bumble
  • Saw La La Land and Rogue One
  • Got my very first (and hidden) tattoo: a Jungle Cruise bote
  • Went home to Buffalo for Christmas!

Wow, and that’s about it! It’s hard to jam-pack an entire (crazy) year into one post but if you read that whole thing, you are INCREDIBLE!

2016 was definitely a special year. Growing up, I always said that I wanted to take some time near the end of my college career to travel and I truly feel so grateful that those opportunities presented themselves in 2016. This was such a crucial year in my path and 2016 really gave me the chance to do a lot of self-discovery. Reflecting back made me realize truly how far these experiences propelled me forward, and that only makes me more excited about the future!

So, looking ahead, here are my top 7 hopes for 2017:

  1. 2017 is going to be a HUGE career building block year – I hope to fully immerse myself in my VIP Internship. From there, I hope to either extend/start a new position when it ends in June!
  2. By the end of the year, I want to have a plan of what job I will be going into next year. The ultimate goal is to stay with the company!
  3. Travel: Visit 3-5 new places this year! Also start seriously looking into an overseas Disney trip (potentially for 2018?)
  4. Finances: Figure out a good budgeting/saving/spending system that works well for me!
  5. Settle more into Florida and move into a more permanent place!
  6. Movies and Books: See at least 20 new movies and complete 4 new books
  7. Build better habits: get on a better sleep schedule, limit time spent on my phone in the morning/before bed, devote more time to positive thinking and growing spiritually, and make choices with good health in mind!

Now that the resolutions are now out there – Let’s see how they go!

Thank you for reading these adventure blogs in 2016. I know 2017 is going to be a whole new journey and I am looking forward to seeing what happens! Stay safe tonight on New Year’s Eve and I wish you all nothing but happiness in the year to come!

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