Let’s Set Sail on the Disney Magic!

Hi Everyone! So, uh… Happy April! Can you believe we are a third of the way done with 2017 already? I am so sorry I haven’t had the chance to update my blog once yet. Starting up a new job and practically a whole new lifestyle can make things a little bit crazy. However, I’m loving every second of it so that’s what matters, right?

Back in early January right before things got busy, I had the chance to go on a Disney Cruise with 6 of my best friends. I have been wanting to tell you all about it since it happened, so better late than never right?

Let’s set sail!

January 8th, 2017

The morning of our cruise, we drove from Windermere bright and early in the morning all the way to the port in Miami. As we got closer and closer, we saw the Disney Magic docked and waiting for us to come on board! I couldn’t contain my excitement – I had only been on one cruise before and it was almost 3 years ago!

I was going to be traveling with some of the most incredible people I know: Jackie, Krista, Jose, Izabelle, Bobby, and Ricky! I am so thankful we were all able to coordinate our schedules and make this trip happen.


Once we got checked in, we walked on the ship and they announced “Now welcoming… RICKY AND FRIENDS!” In that moment, our vacation had officially begun!

Our two staterooms were located right next to each other and Iz worked her magic to decorated the doors! They turned out absolutely amazing.


After seeing the Sailing Away Party and exploring the ship, we got to see “Tangled – The Musical” as our first show of the cruise! It was a really cute adaptation of the story and they had some songs in there that were not in the movie. Also, Mother Gothel was as fierce as ever!

However, the boat was rocking so much that a lot of people had to get up and leave the theatre. It was a bit stressful but our group pushed through to the end of the show, and the boat calmed down by the time we sat down at dinner.

Our first dinner was at the restaurant named Lumiere’s. I was sad because I was so anxious from the boat rocking that I barely got to eat, but don’t worry – there was plenty of food headed my way over the next few days.

We finished off the night by going to the comedy show in the adult club, hosted by our new pal, David. They did a show where they brought up couples of all different age groups – a newly wed couple, a middle aged couple, and an old couple. We became huge fans of couple #2 (because they were just so fun!) and they became our adopted parents for the rest of the cruise!

I couldn’t believe how amazing The Magic was already and this was only the first night. Stay tuned – we were just getting started!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Set Sail on the Disney Magic!

  1. Hope you are enjoying being a VIP guide. I just booked the Ultimate Day Of Thrills tour for October. Do you ever host that tour? Wondering what the replacement will be now that Splash will be down. So pumped for this tour. I’m being my first timer friend!


  2. I went on the Magic once and on the Wonder once. I always felt a bit seasick on the first night but was okay after that.
    I wish I got to see the Tangled show! Mother Gothel is so evil and so fun!
    Looking forward to more photos of the cruise.


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