The Last Day of R&F on Deck!

January 10th, 2017

This morning we woke up at 7 am to see the sunrise on the top deck! It was beautiful and such a refreshing way to start the morning.


Bobby and I went to Cabanas to get some breakfast so we could be all fueled up for our Castaway Cay day!


There were so many characters to meet on the island, so we got off right away and started saying hello to our friends. Mickey, Pluto, Captain Jack Sparrow, Minnie, and Daisy were all there! All of the fab five characters were in their adorable beachwear, too.


We went to Serenity Bay to relax for a bit. Since it was January, it was unfortunately pretty chilly. So a bunch of us bundled up in towels and fell asleep on the beach until lunch.


Lunchtime was pretty great – they had cookout food and a delicious ice cream machine with banana flavored ice cream!


Krista and I get cold super easily, so after lunch we were ready to go back on the ship. We relaxed all afternoon until Pluto came out in the atrium, so we had to go say hi to him.


For our last night on board, we got all dolled up and had a beautiful little photoshoot on our balcony. The ocean was the perfect backdrop!



The show tonight was “Disney Dreams: An Enchanted Classic” and the boys got us front and center seats! This show is narrated by Peter Pan and a little girl named Ann Marie and it goes through all of the classic Disney stories like Aladdin, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Lion King. It made Ricky and Iz very emotional. One of the entertainment crewmembers, Derrell, saw how moved they were by the show and then invited us to a special event after dinner!


Our dinner was at Cariocas that night, and we were heartbroken because it was our last meal with Limbert and Santiago! We loved them and were so lucky to have such a great dining team!


We went to the special event right after dinner and it was a smaller meet and greet with all of the characters before they went into the atrium for the final goodbye! We got to meet so many characters and take tons of pictures!


After the final wave goodbye, we went to the lounge for one last night of fun – an 80’s Music night! (which Ricky was a champion at!) We had to say goodbye to our new cruise family, too – Couple #2!


We went back to our stateroom and all stayed up until 1 in the morning eating Mickey Bars and watching old videos. It was such a magical ending to the trip.


Disney Magic is real and it truly exists in the form of this cruise ship. The crew, the entertainment, the quality, and the experience we got from this cruise was unparalleled. I cannot express how thankful I am for this trip because it is personally ranked as one of my best vacations of all time.


Thank you so much Disney Cruise Line for a trip we will never forget! I hope I get to come sail with you all again real soon!

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