Cafeteria, The Plaza Hotel, & Aladdin

Thursday April 6th, 2017

Weather-wise, our last day in New York City was pretty gray and dreary. However, it set the scene for an incredible trip finale!

We started off our morning by walking in the freezing cold rain to meet up with my friends Lia and Priscilla. The restaurant we went to was named “Cafeteria” and their menu was fantastic. I ended up ordering Lemon-Zest Pancakes (I am in love with anything lemon flavored!) and Abi got Cornflake French Toast, which were both delicious! Cafeteria truly had the perfect atmosphere for four girls to chat and catch up over brunch.

Since it was rainy, we were a bit limited on what we could do next. However, Priscilla’s Dad, Eddie, works over at The Plaza Hotel. The weather resulted in things being pretty slow in the lobby, so we went over to say hi and Eddie gave us a tour of the hotel! We went into the Eloise Suite, (which was a perfect pink dream!) we looked at the ballrooms, etc. This hotel is stunning and being able to walk through it was such a special opportunity. Thank you so much, Eddie!

As the day came to a close, we had one more musical to see – Aladdin! I saw this one last March and had been thinking about it ever since. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see it again. Like I said last year, the costumes and sets are stunning. It’s such a visually beautiful show and it was the best way to wrap up our unforgettable trip!


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