Nashville Highlights! (Part 2)

June 9th, 2017

We started off our day today at Franklin’s Juice Bar which reignited my passion and obsession with acai bowls. Oh, how I wish we had this perfect place in Orlando!

We made a stop at another very important place – the “I Believe in Nashville” wall! It was definitely the most obligatory photo spot of our whole trip!

While we were walking around, we found a cart with beautiful sunflowers (aka my favorite flower in the world) so we, of course, had to have a mini photo shoot.

Then we drove over to Arlington Vineyards. I can genuinely say that this has become one of my favorite places in the world. I think about it all of the time – it was just so peaceful and beautiful.


Angela and I did some wine tasting while we all sat at a picnic table that overlooked the beautiful green grass and the rolling hills.

We had a few more murals to go take photos with (aka my favorite thing to do!) – Angel Wings and another colorful Nashville wall!

For dinner that night we went to our favorite restaurant of the entire trip – The Pharmacy! They had incredible burgers and tater tots, and we became best buddies with our waiter, Kyle! We were laughing so hard and just having the time of our lives at this dinner – so many good, happy memories!

That night we drove up to Love Circle and were able to see the full moon!

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June 10th, 2017

Our last day in Nashville was pretty relaxing, but we went out with a bang! We ate dinner at Loveless Cafe and got some good ol’ southern fried chicken.

After dinner, we ran back to CMA fest because we had the chance to see my two favorite country artists play back to back – Hunter Hayes and Dan & Shay! Talk about a dream come true. They were both just as amazing as they were when I saw them back in 2014… if not better!

After that, we drove overnight all the way back to Orlando. We were counting down the hours the entire night because we wanted, you guessed it…. DAIRY QUEEN!

Thankfully it was finally morning and the Dairy Queens began to open up! However, Angela’s ice cream had a little extra protein in it… YIKES! Just what we needed after driving for 10 hours.

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 10.23.32 PM

And on that note… that just about wraps up our trip to Nashville! Talk about an AMAZING week! I absolutely fell in love with this city and all of the places we got to visit while we were there. I would go back in a heartbeat. Thank you for showing us around, Erika!

Until next time, Nash!

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2 thoughts on “Nashville Highlights! (Part 2)

  1. Jess…we were in Nashville at the same time. My parents and I go to CMA Fest every year. Unfortunately this was our last year there (Mom and I have been going for 22 straight years). I love the city, but just can’t handle the crowds any more. I decided that I want to visit some other times of the year (when it is cooler).


    1. I can’t believe we were there at the same time! That’s awesome. Yeah, the crowds were pretty crazy but it wasn’t terrible for my first time. I hope you get to go back to Nashville soon, it’s one of the best cities out there! 🙂


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