A Month in the Life: August 2017

August always seems like one of the busiest months of the year! Wrapping up the summer always calls for lots of fun activities and adventures. Here are some of the biggest highlights from August 2017:

August 11th, 2017

The day after Liz and I got home from Buffalo, we went to the parks to say goodbye to two very beloved attractions. Universe of Energy at Epcot and The Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios were closing down for good. We treated this like a funeral and wore all black so we could properly mourn.

I will forever miss Stupid Judy and her Stupid Energy, as well as all of those journeys in to the movies. Thank you for so many years of memories!

August 21st, 2017

There was a unique happening on August 21st and that was the solar eclipse! Thankfully we were able to find some eclipse glasses so we could safely view this spectacular sight. We did not get the full eclipse here in Orlando, but the temperature dropped from 91 to a whopping 85 degrees, which was a nice few minute break in the middle of our blazing hot summer.

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August 23rd, 2017

Adventure Wednesday this week consisted of Bobby, Liz, and me driving over to Wekiva Springs! We went canoeing and it was absolutely beautiful. We saw two gators in the water which was a bit terrifying but also awesome. (mostly because they didn’t come near us)

Visiting Wekiva was always on my Florida bucket list! You can go kayaking/canoeing, and then they have the springs that you can swim in, too! It was such a lovely little day trip.

August 24th, 2017

My friend Erin and I drove out to Winter Park and did some exploring. We went to lunch at Prato which was a very aesthetic restaurant. It was the perfect place for us to relax, catch up, and eat a tasty little Italian lunch!

We also visited Rifle Paper Co. Our coworker, Eric, told us about it because his wife works there! They have tons of stationary, prints, journals, etc. We fell in love – It’s such a fun hidden gem to check out if you’re ever in the Winter Park area!

August 27th, 2017

Another thing I have never done in Orlando was the Titanic Museum! This was a cool interactive experience. At the beginning, you are given a passenger identity and also which class you were in. Then, you then go through different exhibits of parts of the ship and see artifacts. You even got to touch a giant iceberg to get an idea of how cold the water was! At the end, you got to look on a giant list of passengers to see if you survived. Thank goodness we all did!

Also, that night I went home and watched Titanic for the first time in 6 years and I cried my eyes out. What a masterpiece.

August 29th, 2017

Erika and I drove out to Tampa to see one of our favorite and most important artists of the year – Ed Sheeran! On the way in we stopped at Portillo’s which has become one of my new favorite spots. I wish we had one in Orlando! They have everything from hot dogs to italian beef sandwiches to cake shakes.

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Ed played at the Amalie Arena and he was nothing short of phenomenal. It was just him and his guitar up on stage. His whole show was like a conversation between him and the audience – it felt so intimate even though we were in a huge arena.

My favorite songs that he played were “Perfect,” “Galway Girl,” “Dive,” and, of course our Valet song, “Shape of You!” The only thing that could’ve made it better is if he played “Barcelona!”

August 31st, 2017

To finish up the month of August, Krista and I went out for a little treat yourself dinner at California Grill. Although August was full of insanely fun activities, it was definitely one of the most mentally draining months that I went through in all of 2017. (Like we always say – don’t always believe everything you see on social media!) Krista is always such a good and supportive friend and this dinner was a reward for surviving the craziness. We had absolutely delicious food and then got to watch Happily Ever After on the viewing deck after dinner. It was magical and the perfect kick-start to the upcoming fall months ahead!


2 thoughts on “A Month in the Life: August 2017

  1. Great post. Your IG is one of my favorites to follow, as well as your Twitter. Love all the adventures you have. Completely agree about don’t believe everything you read. I think that is why you are one of my favorites. You absolutely keep it real. Hope you have a great day. -Pat


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