It’s a Jungle at MNSSHP!

September 12th, 2017

Another year, another Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! The past few years, I have had an absolute blast thinking of costumes for the Not-So-Scary parties and 2017 was no different. This tradition has easily become one of my favorite parts of the year. It makes me so happy to kick off the holiday season by dressing up and getting in the zone of all of the festive fun that is headed our way.

This year I had a revelation. I was sitting at work talking with some friends and we started talking about the Jungle Cruise. One of my coworkers started talking about Trader Sam’s outfit and all of the sudden all of these lightbulbs went off in my head: I needed to make that my Halloween costume. Why have I not thought of this before?

So I went home, went on an Amazon Prime and JoAnn Fabrics shopping frenzy, and then BOOM – The Head Salesman (woman?) of the Jungle was born! Just call me Trader Sam! (Or Trader Samantha… whichever you prefer!)


Also, if you have been following along for a while, you may remember my Disneyland College Program back in 2014. I worked Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise alongside one of my best friends (and now roommate) Kari! I also spent copious amounts of time with one of my other best friends, Krista (even though she didn’t work Jungle with us), and all together (plus our friends Chris and Noah who still live on the west coast) we had our little Jungle Cruise group of friends called “The Skips.”

Appropriately enough, the Skipper Ladies came together 3 years later on the opposite coast and wore all Adventureland themed costumes for the party!


Kari dressed up as Indiana Jones and then Krista finally got to live out her dream of being a Jungle Cruise Skipper!


In addition, my other roommate Katie was able to join us and she dressed up as Orange Bird from Sunshine Tree Terrace! All of the coast-to-coast Adventureland icons were able to unite!



An ironic part of dressing up as Trader Sam to this particular MNSSHP on September 12th was that it was the day the parks reopened right after Hurricane Irma passed through. Jungle Cruise was not operating for an additional week because of the damage… so all night, all of the cast members kept telling me my ride was closed!


I can honestly say this was probably one of my favorite Halloween costumes of all time. Jungle Cruise will always take up one of the biggest pieces of my heart and it was so fun to dig back to my Adventureland roots. What a perfect way to kick off the Halloween season for the year!


Until next time… Hit it, Skip!

Processed with VSCO with k2 preset

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