Welcome to New York!

Sunday October 1st, 2017

The best friends are the friends who are ready to go on crazy adventures with you at the drop of a hat. Merely a month or two prior, Krista texted me and found a great deal for a cruise in October. Within 24 hours, we had the days off and the cruise booked and we were ready to go!

Something different about this cruise compared to the two previous I had been on was that it went out of a completely different port – New York City! So the day before we debarked from the port, Krista and I flew up to the city and crammed in a whole day’s worth of activities!

We were up at 3:30 am for our 6:05 am flight! We landed by 8 am, took our uber, prepared for the day, and by 11 am we were out the door. The city was at our finger tips and the possibilities were endless!

The day began with us taking a nice stroll through Central Park. We were soaking in all of the cool, beautiful fall weather. We wandered over near the Strawberry Fields Imagine Memorial, which was a very popular spot! We also got to sit and enjoy some beautiful jazz music in the park while watching all of the cute dogs walk by. It was such a picturesque New York City morning.

We made our way to Times Square, wandered in the Disney Store (of course), grabbed some quick grilled cheeses at Junior’s, and then took our seats for Anastasia at the Broadhurst Theater!

This show was INCREDIBLE! It had been getting a lot of hype so I figured it would be fun to check it out. Believe me – it was WELL worth it! The sets just blew me away. They utilized normal stage sets but then also larger than life screens to make it even more realistic. The train scene (“We’ll Go From There”) was my absolute favorite part because of the way the sets/screens made it look like the train was actually moving. I was so impressed.

Processed with VSCO with k3 preset

I highly recommend seeing this show. It is very different than the animated movie (it is a bit darker) but dare I say, I loved it just as much if not more! I loved becoming familiar with this whole new soundtrack, too! Lastly, major props to Christie Altomare (Anastasia) – her voice was stunning and her performance was beautiful and touching. I was more than happy with making this our musical of choice!

After the show, we met up with my friend Stephanie and grabbed dinner at one of her favorite New York spots – The Smith! The food was amazing and we just had some great girl talk to catch up on the past few months.

We made a quick stop in Times Square to get some pictures before we parted ways, too!

Our last stop of the night was to get some Cookie Dough! We were cutting it close – our first Uber took us somewhere that was not DO… but he was convinced it was right down the street.

At that point, we had exactly 16 minutes until it closed and it was 15 minutes away. Well, you bet we called another uber and arrived at 9:00 pm on the dot. It was a cookie dough success story!!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

With our stomachs full of sugary goodness, we went to sleep and dreamed of all of the Disney MAGIC that was ahead of us for the next 4 days…!

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