D23 Expo 2017

Let’s look at it this way… The D23 Expo is the mecca for anyone who considers themselves to be a Disney fan. It is incredible. It’s the biggest bi-yearly event in the Disney community where all of the big Disney names and legends are invited to participate, speak, and present. There are panels, company-wide announcements, and … More D23 Expo 2017

San Francisco!

The third and final stop of my birthday trip was San Francisco, California. There are a few particular places that I had on my bucket list that are located in this city, so my Mom and I met there and spent two wonderful days cramming in as much as we possibly could! Thursday, May 12th, … More San Francisco!

My 23rd Birthday!

Twenty three. Let’s just take a minute and ask ourselves how I am already 23?! I swear I was just 19. Well, no matter what age I am, a Disney park is always an ideal place to spend my birthday! I knew this would be the last time I’d be able to visit Disneyland for a long while, so … More My 23rd Birthday!

Disneyland Day 2!

Morning rolled around once again and we were up bright and early for our second day in the parks! This morning we were meeting up with our friend Alex, but we beat him there by a little bit so we stopped at the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney to get some breakfast. I really regret not … More Disneyland Day 2!